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Soul Whip particle effect not working





I'm new to this game, so chanced are high this is a feature rather than a bug.

My understanding is that the soul whip effect gives all my weapons a purple glow when my focus is below max.

Even though that effect was present at the beginning of the game it is completly gone now. 





You can see the following things:

1. Focus < Max

2. No purple glow

3. Soul whip is active (the focus increased on the third image)

4. My head glows purple when I engage into a fight. (not talking about the halo).


OS: Windows 10

Version: 3.05.1186 steam

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Do you start combat by using a ranged weapon, then switch to a melee weapon afterwards? If so, the particle effect applies to your ranged weapon and, when you switch, it sort of floats around your head (probably difficult to see on a Moon Godlike).


More precisely, the particle effect only seems to apply to the weapon you have equipped when combat starts. I don't know if this is intended behaviour or not. I noticed it in my current playthrough as a Cipher but can't remember whether it was the case in previous playthroughs.

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I'm having this issue as well.


When I start a new character the particle effect for the weapon and eyes both work fine.

When I save the game and load it the particle effect for the weapon doesn't show but the particle effect for the eyes works fine.


I've tested it several times.

It also applies to Grieving Mother as well.

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Perhaps it's a bit gauche, but as I step into doing yet another Cipher playthrough, I would love to see if there has been any progress made in fixing this aggravating bug. It has been bothersome for years now.

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