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Stuck in the Tutorial: Bugbear Attack




I am playing Pathfinder on an iPhone 5S. I have the latest version of Pathfinder. From the Main Menu, I hit "Continue." My Wi-Fi is active (3 bars--strongest connection.). A pop-up window appears saying, "Warning: You are currently offline." I try to hit "Login," numerous times, but nothing happens. I hit "Continue," and then I am sent to the Character Selection page. For all characters, the "Pass and Play" buttons are greyed-out (inactive). Only the "Permadeath" buttons are active. I don't want to kill-off any of the characters! I do not understand how to add characters to my party. Please help!




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You should be able to play logged in, you just won't get gold (IIRC) and you won't have the progress saved.


You don't need to turn the permadeath on to play.


You should be able to drag the character to the left-most open circle to add them to the party.


But you really should sort out the login issue first, which I don't know what it might be.

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For your login issue make sure you are signed into Gamecenter.

​Force kill the app (double hit the circle button and swipe the app away)

​Go to Gamecenter and make sure you are loggin in correctly. Confirm you are online, try to open a web page.

​Start the game up and see if that fixes your issue.

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