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Monster card now in my deck



Really weird thing. I was playing hand then game kind of bugged out on my iPad. Next thing I have a harpy monster card in my wizards characters playing deck. Very annoying because I can't seem to get rid of it and it's taking up space that I want to use for something else. Has anyone else had this issue? Any fix?


I have a photo but not sure how to attach to post.



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Don't worry.  The card isn't taking up any valuable slots in your deck.  It is just useless filler.


Next time you have a chance to Banish a card at the Village House or General Store, you can get rid of it that way.


Or, if you go to the Deck Management screen, you can select the character that has it and press "View All" to find it.  From there, drag it down to the bottom half of the screen and press the green arrow to trash it and return to the map.

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