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Aloth and the Leaden Key

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There has always been one thing that bothered me in POE, right at the end. Aloth, after seeing all the horrors and sadness that Thaos and the Leaden Key inflicted upon the Dyrwood, immediately considers replacing the guy! The god-slave monster we spent hours trying to put down and he is like "well, that looks fun, and SO necessary! Gotta keep them fake gods a secret!"


I understand how he became involved with the leaden key from his short story. I can see how a young Aloth not wishing to return home to his father and having no patron or alternative, would turn the leaden key for answers or a way out. The things he witnessed his fellow students and amateur animancers do might turn someone off animancy. I get that.


However, going from a principled stance against animancy to wanting to run the leaden key after knowing the full extent of its purpose and methods, seems like a stretch for any character much less Aloth. Worse yet if you dont take him with you in the final battle you dont get the chance to really influence his ending and stop him. Not a fan of that characterization of him, or the implications of that design decision. Take your bud Aloth or damn him down a dark path. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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I guess Aloth just never came across as someone with the strength of character to lead an organization of such scope. Thaos had a great deal of faith in Woedica, despite knowing the true nature of the gods. Enough faith to sustain a operation of such size and scope that maintaining it required the power to nearly cheat death with the help of a god. Under Thaos it seemed as if the two main goals of the Leaden Key were to suppress animancy and in doing so the exploration of the soul to prevent the true nature of the gods from being known, and to further Woedica's goals whilst doing so. 


Aloth in comparison would seem a poor fit as a avatar of woedican justice. Aloth does not have a great deal of faith in people, but he certainly did not seem to have faith in the gods either. The organization would likely cease being a tool for Woedican plots and justice and continue in some way as the secret defenders of the status quo. 


Now that I consider it, I would like to see Aloth return in the sequel with another set of secrets, ulterior motives, and betrayals of trust, so maybe a Leaden Key Aloth is the way to go for POE2. I am glad we have had some teasers that suggest he is returning for the sequel, because at this point I would enjoy him equally as a trusted companion or not so trustworthy antagonist. Or both. 

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He does that if you give him the impression over the course of the game that people can't be trusted to handle the truth and need authority in their lives. If you tell him knowledge and freedom are most important he'll instead dedicate his life to taking the Leaden key down.  I'm pretty sure conversations before the final dungeon count, but now that I think about it I've always taken him with me.

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