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I'm playing on an iPad. I use Valeros to do the single quests that pop up as challenges and he just leveled to 19th. The problem is, as an upgrade it says he can add a card to his card list. But all categories are maxed out. But the game is making me choose one even though I'm not able to because they are maxed. So, I'm stuck in that screen and can't advance to collect the challenge reward and the special award. And I can't go back to the main menu and start another quest because it just goes right back to the end of Valeros' last quest and the dance starts all over again. So, I'm screwed out of the 100 gold reward for completing the challenge. And I'm screwed out of the special challenge reward (I think it's like a holiday sweater or something). Anybody else have any similar problems? Any solution suggestions?

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The quest mode is currently bugged for a lot of people with that issue.  The developers are currently out on holiday, though they said they would work on fixing it after getting the main campaign bugs worked out. :(  Right now I'm just playing various parties in the main campaign, but I sure do miss Quest mode.


On the bright side, the current weekly holiday reward is just (?) 500 gold.  They already gave everyone the holiday sweater due to the bugs people were having getting credit.  You'll see a copy in your vault, though you'll need to find a copy during play to give it to one of your party members.

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