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Heroic level broken in Sins of the Saviors? (at least 1 and 2)



Started trying to play through Sins of the Saviors on the heroic level, but I've now found both Underneath Sandpoint and Rimeskull broken, in different fashions


My team for both is Valeros, Kyra, Seelah, Seoni, Sajan, and Lem (and in that order)


My phone is a G4, Android version 6


When i was playing Underneath Sandpoint, I seemed to run into a recursive loop, where after I was forced to summon a Hound of Lamashtu, I again had to make a Stealth/Perception role (which I failed because I was on Seoni at the time), which caused another Hound to be summoned, which resulted in another steath/perception role (and at that point I quit).  I don't know if someone else documented this or not (I thought I saw it, but wasn't sure)


Then I tried to play Rimeskull.  Valeros found the Stone Head, and defeated it.  After defeating it, we took damage, and then he moved, and then his turn ended.  Kyra then went, in the closed location, and she was never given the option of moving.  And then Seelah, and then Seoni (and again at that point I quit).  


I may try the rest of Sins, but I am a little nervous

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Into the Runeforge, with Close quarters as the wild card power (same stats as above).


It was Sajan's turn, and he was in the shimmering Veils of Pride.  He encountered one of the henchmen, and successfully defeated him.  Then, on the check to close Lem (in the Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony) played Greater Aid (I think), and Sajan succeeded.  However, it closed Lem's location.  

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I, too, have been stuck in an infinite loop fighting hounds at Underneath Sandpoint. Additionally, it forces you to roll dice and use blessings multiple times on the first check.

Read this post about the details of the bug and how to break the loop/not use a blessing every time (you only need to HAVE at least 1 blessing or any other card to add to WIS check).

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