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  1. Hello, There is a bug whereby if you use Amiri’s ability to move another at the end of the turn and that other character is at a location that requires a check to move and you fail, the game glitches and you have to forfeit and start the scenario over. Cheers
  2. The is an infinite loop fighting hounds at Underneath Sandpoint which needs to be rectified.
  3. I, too, have been stuck in an infinite loop fighting hounds at Underneath Sandpoint. Additionally, it forces you to roll dice and use blessings multiple times on the first check.
  4. Hello! I have this exact same issue, whereby it freezes when trying to choose the second character's role. Perhaps this is due to the new update. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I have this exact same issue and am stuck at the completion of 3-5. Perhaps it is due to a technical issue after the recent update. Thanks!
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