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Invoke card is banished from Kyra



Hello, Tech team, and happy holidays!


The Invoke magic card is banished from my deck, after Kyra used it.

It is said that card will be banished only if character has no Divine. Kyra, of course, has that.

Would care for a manual return of this card, but more important - to report that bug, of course.


Thank you all.



Played on Story mode,

My data:

Android 6.0.1, Galaxy Tab A


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Same thing happened to me. I used it off-turn and invoke was banished. I reported something similar happening when AD5 was released where i lost a major cure when i used it off turn. The current character taking their turn didn't have the divine trait so the game probably thought, in both the situations i stated, that the current turn character used it so the spell ends up being banished.

I don't know if it was the same for you but the piece of information about who's current turn it is may help and if that person had the divine trait.

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Sounds very plausible. There have been Many cases when the turn order has changed and card has been transferred to another character. So it may be possible that the check to Divine has Also transferred to another character. I think that you have tracked down the reason for disappearance. The real myster is why turn order gets changed in the first place...

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