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Patch 1.1.6 breaks "Animal Empathy" for Lini



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As said before, from my point of view:

Lini's animal cards does not recharge when discarded.

On those animals: Dog, Snake (did not check others). Upon discarding to continue exploring, to use ability (+ to combat, + to chacks). 

Happened on Quest mode, Pass&Play and Permadeath off. 

Party included: Lini (happened to that character), Lem, Seoni, Harsk. Scenario difficulty on Heroic.

Happened on two quests. 

This bug, of course, really inhibits Lini's powers and abilities.



My data:

Android 6.0.1, Galaxy Tab A



Thank you!

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  • Shimmering Veils of Pride: Now forces a recharge when characters with auto success recharge powers fire.
    • Lem's Quick Wit will now correctly make the power fire.
    • Merisiel's Inspired Dexterity, Kyra's Dawnflower's Favor, and Lini's Wild Empathy no longer incorrectly triggers the power.


They sure did fix this bug and then some; it is indeed impossible to trigger Shimmering Veils of Pride's location ability with any of the listed abilities...

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