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legendary people of classes

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the wizards are represented well. they have all those named wizards like llengrath, concelhaut etc and concelhaut makes in game appearence.


does the game ever mention other legendary people of each class. i admit to not being big on the non storyline in game texts you can read.


theres a few examples that could be traced to a certain class. lady webb seems like a hot shot cypher. that garodh guy seemed like a tough noble barbarian. i really liked his story but didnt seem like legendary status.

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Although none of these legendary Kind Wayfarer paladins appeared in-game, their relics can be found throughout the Dyrwood, lost in the hard to reach and forgotten places of the Eora, as is befitting their order.

Pefrel: Bearer of the breastplate Hand and Key.

Worn by Pefrel, a paladin of the Kind Wayfarers, this breastplate bears an elegant relief of two hands presenting a key. Pefrel commissioned the armor to demonstrate his dedication to the idea of opening paths and doors for those who might otherwise find the passage too dangerous. While his devotion to the order dictated almost every facet of the man's life, Pefrel was also a faithful adherent of the god Berath, and the Hand and Key served as a personal reminder that the final door he opened would bring him into the god's keeping.

Adrem Delfar, Bearer of the Patchwork boots. 

Once worn by Adrem Delfar, elder paladin of the Kind Wayfarers, they were a gill from other members of the order for your help in laying Adrem's body to rest near Redflower Lake. The boots are so incredibly worn from a lifetime of travel that they appear to be on the verge of falling apart. Despite this, they are incredibly strong and comfortable.


St. Ydwen, Bearer of the greatsword Redeemer.

Ydwen was a paladin and member of the Kind Wayfarers during the War of Black Trees. She was famous for escorting colonists and farmers through the Dyrwood and protecting them from Glanfathan war bands. Though a skilled warrior, she avoided the Glanfathans when possible rather than fight them. However, tensions and tempers rose, and one day she found herself guiding a family of farmers from their ruined homestead. While she attempted to wait out the prowling raiders, one of her charges rushed into the fray. Ydwen was forced to hold off the Glanfathans while the rest of the farmers fled. She died, outnumbered and surrounded, and it was said that even the raider who struck the killing blow wept for her.


The Twelve Towers, a Dyrwood subset of the order. All twelve met a violent end, but one unnamed knight had her shield recovered. The Dyrwoodians like their heroes in dozens apparently.

According to legend, this shield was one of twelve fashioned for a small subset of paladins from the Order of Kind Wayfarers. Calling themselves the Towers, the paladins charged themselves with protecting the small outlying villages and towns clustered along the foothills of the White March.

Though their numbers were few, the paladins were known for their unwavering dedication, moving swiftly to engage any threat to innocent travelers. Those with the fortune to fight beside these warriors often said that they felt as if otherwise fatal blows would glance harmlessly off their armor, and claimed that the paladins had brought them fortune.

As the years passed, each of the paladins succumbed to age or violence, until only one remained. The last Tower became a legendary figure in her own right, walking a lonely patrol along the eastern roads of the Dyrwood.

This shield is said to have been pulled from the Lake of Drowned Tombs by a villager from Goodhope. The battered kite shield remains a fine piece of craftsmanship, though the green paint of its heraldic tower has been scraped away in several places.

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Ryona is mentioned in two pieces of gear, her Vambraces and:



After Ryona established her reputation as a fighter, she began joining adventuring expeditions. For years, she was one of the most sought-after warriors in the Eastern Reach. That changed after an expedition to the White March.

She traveled with a team of historians and treasure-hunters intent on breaching Durgan's Battery. Yet their guide fell ill, and they became hopelessly lost in a blizzard. The snows continued for days, and their provisions dwindled. While the rest of the party camped in the lee of a cliff, Ryona was sent to scout a way ahead.

She wandered into the storm, barely able to see her hand in front of her face. After hours of trudging through the snow, Ryona stumbled into a cave. Yet instead of shelter, she found a young alpine dragon.

The beast was too lean, and its eyes burned with hunger when it looked at Ryona. Yet she promised it a larger meal if only it would spare her. She led it to the hollow where the rest of her companions waited, and as the dragon turned on them, she fled. She lost the vambraces in the snow.



and her Breastplate:



This dark green enameled steel breastplate was the property of Ryona, an adventurer who hailed from the Vailian Republics and found her calling running with expedition companies in the Dyrwood. A small amount of copper chain extends under the breastplate for additional protection.


Ryona ended her career early after giving up her expedition group to a dragon in the White March in exchange for her own life.


After escaping the alpine dragon, Ryona was overwhelmed with guilt. She resolved that she would not rest until she'd made amends for each of the lives she had traded away, and she began to travel the Eastern Reach in search of ways to help the surviving relations of her lost adventuring company.


In Defiance Bay she found the widower of one of the lost expeditioners. His wife had been part of the expedition in hopes of finding treasure within Durgan's Battery that might pay off a debt that he owed to House Doemenel. By the time Ryona arrived, House Doemenel had already put out a contract on his life. She acted as his personal bodyguard and helped him to survive a series of attacks by putting herself in the line of fire. Improbably, Ryona and the widower both lived through the ordeal.


In Midwood she came to the aid of the family of an aristocratic expeditioner who had failed to satisfy the house of his daughter's husband-to-be with the dowry he'd provided. The angry in-laws swore to destroy the family for the insult, and enlisted a band of Bleak Walkers to perform the deed.


Ryona rallied together army of the expeditioner's vassals, exhorting them with a powerful speech about the kind of man he'd been, and together they slew the Bleak Walkers to the last man.


Always, though, the form of the dragon loomed large in Ryona's mind and haunted her dreams. She succeeded in every effort to help those who were close to the expeditioners she'd sacrificed, and yet peace eluded her. Only then did she come to understand that she would have to face the dragon and see it dead, or die in the attempt.


She gathered her belongings and embarked on one final journey to the White March, and was never seen again.



It's not clear what class she is, but I'd probably argue she's a Fighter (even though technically Fighters can't benefit from her Breastplate) or perhaps a Paladin. The latter seems less likely simply because most items associated with Paladins are described as such explicitly (as boffmoffet's post demonstrates).

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She was a warrior, since her soulbound plate gives you typical warriors abilities ( the Spirit of the previous owner still holds in the plate, and the plate become stronger ad you haunt the phantoms of the past of Ryona).

There is also a belt of Ryona that you can buy in a stalwart seller ( the same in wich you can buy the horn of garodh chorus)

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