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Amiri character progression bug



I have encountered something strange. I have progressed Amiri to the point where all of her basic power abilities have been selected. I have just finished an adventure with her where the reward is a new power ability but since I have not selected one of the specialization paths for Amiri, the app does not give me the choice of choosing a path on the reward screen and so does not let me click the "continue/next" button on the power selection screen (because I have not claimed a reward for Amiri). So I am stuck. Since I have a victory in the scenario, I do not have the option to forfeit -- it is greyed out... I can't continue because I need to assign a new power to amiri. But I can't assign a new power to amiri because I have not selected a specialization path.... I cannot select a specialization path in the reward screen... Argh!! Help!!

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Force stop the App, make it restart.


Play the scenerio where the reward assigns roles.  See if you can get a role reward.  


That might force a bypass in the coding if you are lucky.  Worth a try in any case.


On a side note, what power was so good that you bypassed role powers to get it?

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