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Ezren teleported with Lem from different location



Lem is in the Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony with too few cards in his deck to draw to the increased hand size. He has a Mass Cure and Teleport in hand, so I cast the teleport and look to see who else could use a cure. I eventually decide to send him to the Throne Room with Valeros. I'm guessing that I was still looking at Ezren(who was in the Vault of Greed) at the time.


Anyway, on Valeros's turn when I cast the cure, Ezren is there as well.



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Story mode, Thassilonian Sins, Legendary difficulty, Darkest Night and Night Approaches

Pass and play off, permadeath on

Party of Lem, Valeros, Merisiel, Kyra, Harsk, and Ezren

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