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Barl Breakbones is broken



When difficulty is increase by d4 or 2 d4 you have to fight with Barl Breakbones 3 times instead of 2.

Here is the scenario I got (one of 4 similar I've been through):

40 level Amiri encountered Barl in Apotheka location, 40 level Sajan is at another location

- d4 is rolled to increase the difficulty, comes out as 3

- Barl'd difficulty is set to 20 = 17 (first battle value) + 3 (from d4)

- Amiri fight with no blessings from Sajan and wins

- Barl discards a random card from Amiri

- Amiri's hand is reset

- No d4 rolled for Barl to increase the difficulty but the second fight value is picked so second fight is always at 21

- Sajan adds a blessing to Amiri's fight

- Amiri wins the second fight

- No card is discarded from Amiri and no hand reset happens

- d4 rolled to increase Barl's difficulty, comes out as 4

- Barl's difficulty is set to 25 = 21 (second battle value) + 4 (from d4)

- Sajan is not allowed to play another blessing for Amiri though he has one

- Amiri fights and wins, lucky my

Only after that third fight the scenario is over.


This problem doesn't happen if the difficulty is increased by a static value.


Chars: Amiri 40th, Sajan 40th

Dificulty: Legendary

Game version: VER-704-20161116, PFID-AEB9FC3A3091AC3

OS: Android 7.0

Device: Motorola smartphone

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