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...I think I just banished the villain.



Okay, so this gets complicated, but.


The first sign of trouble comes when Harsk encounters the Skinsaw Man (in Deeper Dungeons). For the cutscene, it shows Amiri encountering him instead of Harsk. I assumed that was intended because Amiri had more interesting dialogue with him. (On reflection, I think probably it was, and there just happened to be an issue immediately afterward. But I'm including it just in case I'm wrong.)


Then we start closing locations. Amiri is at the Farmhouse, and for her random monster she summons a Goblin Warchanter. She attempts to play a weapon but fails the wisdom check.


The fight with the Warchanter resumes... Except now it's Harsk fighting it. I try to put out a bow - failing the wisdom check for him too - but then I decide to make a VRT instead of resolving the fight.


When I return, Harsk is now fighting the Skinsaw Man. There are chains over his weapons but it allows me to play them without a check. I defeat him and he disintegrates like a normal defeated monster.


Then I'm popped back out to the temporary close dialog, and Deeper Dungeons is now temporarily closed.




So with nothing else to do, I click "Finished closing". It returns me to Deeper Dungeons, with Harsk now fighting a Carrionstorm. The Skinsaw Man is nowhere to be seen.


I'm going to play out the rest of the scenario just out of curiosity but I suspect it's now unwinnable.



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Story mode, Foul Misgivings, Legendary difficulty, Full Packs and Distractions

Pass and play and permadeath both off

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Something almost similar happened to me but it was in Quest mode.

So the villain was Gogmurt and i encountered him twice, and both times i lost the battle so he escaped. When i was down to my last location and last card, i would assume it would be Gogmurt... but it wasn't, Gogmurt was nowhere to be seen. Once i finished this final encounter the game just ended, with a victory of course.

I'm guessing the way it's coded is that if there is no villain to be fought, once all locations are closed the game ends and a victory is rewarded. It's just like how Local heroes is done with the exception that it doesn't have any villains.

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I certainly recognise you description of the behaviour - apart from the banished Villain. I've had several situations where the game has completely lost track of which character is "on turn", to the point where I've had character A take a turn, then character B, then Character A for just a single Blessing removed from the Blessing deck. I've never spotted the trigger, though it is more prone to happen at the Temple (especially with Harpy Monks)

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I'm guessing that in this case, the game saw that Amiri was done with her Warchanter check and it should return to combat - and just assumed it must be Harsk's combat since it was his turn. (And then, the VRT made it forget what monster was being fought - but it knew Harsk was fighting a monster, so it must be the one on top of his deck!)


And then the rest is just the logical conclusion, given it knew that a temporary close check was in progress.


Actually, come to think of it, I think the Warchanter ended up on top of the Farmhouse deck and Amiri fought it next turn. -but don't quote me on that.

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