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Nualia x 1.5



Playing quest mode, I encountered the villain Nualia on literally the first explore of the game. Ezren and Sajn were together at the location. The following occurred (in the order presented):

a) Ezren takes d4 force damage.

b) Ezren is prompted to make a combat check, passes the check.

c) Ezren is dealt another 4 damage (presumably force damage, but I missed the dice roll), his hand is now empty.

d) Sajan is dealt d4+1 force damage (and no, I have no idea no idea why the +1)

e) Sajan is prompted to make a combat check, passes the check. His hand is now also empty.

f) Sajan is prompted to make a combat check.

g) I rage-quit (forfeit).


In total three instances of damage, three combat checks required. I assume, in hindsight, that Sajan's first check was in fact the first of the two checks required, and that the encounter effectively restarted at that point. I can't remember the difficulty to confirm, I wouldn't have noticed at the time because I'm playing on Legendary and there's always so many things affecting the difficulty I rarely bother to keep track of them (which is probably a good thing because I won't get bothered about them being wrong).


I believe that there is currently something seriously messed up with all effects which deal damage to all the characters at a location (see e.g. also this thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90379-barl-breakbones-murdered-my-character/).

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