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I choose this over tyranny

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I enjoyed both games but, in my judgment, PoE is better than Tyranny in almost every respect.  4-person party, no friendly fire (even as an option), no companion quests, exceptionally short, woefully inadequate ending, a classless system that inexorably shoehorns players into a small number of builds (the very problem classless systems are designed to solve)... not good.  Still worth purchasing at some point due to the solid concept/lore and some neat features like spellcrafing, but for most IE fans PoE is going to be the better choice.

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If it was one, or another, I would recommend PoE over Tyranny. Tyranny has gripping story, more than PoE (imo), but after Act I combat becomes very, very easy, which undermines story as well, because how can one take Archons and even the Overlord him/herself seriously, if everyone I meet is so feeble in combat?

To be more specific, the problems with combat are:

1) With more and more skills/spells (also passives) available, one can make one powerful attack and then simply follow with another, bypassing colldowns that, with few skills available, worked so well for Act I. There should be global cooldown or severe limit on number of skills/spells/passives "equipped".

2) Buffs can be applied before combat, like multiple +XX% damage on hit. Not to speak of Volcanic Weapon sigil.

3) Damage reduction is applied after all damage bonuses.

The result is that PC or companion hitting for, say, 40 base damage, will hit for several hundreds damage with all bonuses applied an enemy with otherwise good but irrelevant 30 damage reduction, and then will hit him again with another such skill or even regular attack. Ouch. PoE admittely also tends to be easier towards the end (with Shades/Shadows in Act I being clearly the most formidable adversaries), but in Tyranny that got out of hand.

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PoE definitely wins out in diversity of power builds. There are lots of power builds in each class and all can be successful if done right. In Tyranny power builds get reduced to #1 - take Magic to get the three +25% weapon imbues, #2 - Profit With a possible dip into Riposte to passively kill everything faster than you can actively attack them.


Now don't get me wrong - I really enjoyed Tyranny, well worth the price, but once you "solve" the powerbuild it comes down to a near single answer while PoE has multiple answers. You won't be reading about Boereor's awesome quircky but oh so effective Tyranny builds because there are not multiple paths to greatness. The game is of course easy enough so that you don't need to be optimized but when one build is double or triple the power level of another, the powergamer in me has a hard time rolling with the gimp.

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