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Are you allowed to have more than 1 copy of a treasure card in the same party?

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I'm talking about the treasure loot cards you can get from completing scenarios for the first time. Wand of enervation, sihedron medallion, snakeskin tunic, etc.

If so, wouldn't it be pretty gamebreaking to have all your characters have revelation quills, never encounter an unwanted bane again AND find the henchman/villain with at most 6 explores.


So i'm guessing no, which is why the sihedron medallions have different scenario numbers to differentiate them.


Or does it only apply to some treasure cards? I'm still veering in the direction of no.

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Campaign cards (AD1-6, C-deck, Promos) do not have a per-party limit.  There are "soft" limits through.  If your party has more of a card than normally seen in the game Vault, then that party will not encounter that card on subsequent play-throughs.  This shouldn't include loot cards.  They should always be rewarded (regardless of inventory) as long as the party has not previously completed the scenario.


Treasure cards have "hard" limits.  If you attempt to form a party containing more of a treasure card than you have been rewarded, the cards in excess will be removed.  Rewards Cards like Guide to the Beyond or Black Arrow Longbow are technically treasure cards (even if they didn't come from a chest); they are subject to the same rules.


Yes, it is quite possible to create some bonkers load-outs by forming up a few parties and trading amongst them.  For example, I've got an Ezren nicknamed "the Seer" with eight Auguries.  Maybe I should upgrade him to Scrying!   ;)

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