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CAN temp. close the Dam in BatD



What device type are you on?: Android

What version of the OS are you running: 4.2.2

What is your PFID#? 3E90A1B5416DECA

Is pass & play on?  Is permadeath on?: No and no

Story, Battle at the Dam

Characters in Party: Harsk, Seelah, Lini, Sajan, Amiri

Location of each character: Amiri at the Dam (Open), Lini at Waterfront (Open), the rest in closed random locations

Turn Order: Same as stated in party list.

Scenario & Scenario Difficulty: Legendary. -5 blessings and probably "bury 1 if you take more than 1 damage" wildcards.

What card was encountered when the issue occurred?: Villain, Malugus Kreeg


Scenario on any difficulty clearly states that the Dam may not be temporarily closed.

Waterfront (the furthest location from the Dam) and the Dam itself were the only open locations. Lini encountered villain for the first time during the scenario in Waterfront. After the dialogue between the villain and the party, the temp. closing screen came up, allowing me to temp. close the Dam with Amiri. She buried 2 (1d4 result) cards to temp. close it. The location then changed to the hourglass icon, indicating that the location was indeed temporarily closed. Lini proceeded to defeat the villain, who was now cornered. After the capture of the villain, the scenario ended with a victory.

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