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Spells missing is easily the most annoying mechanic I have ever encountered

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Just my 2 cents, for PoE2, spells should not be balanced around spell accuracy and should not miss - only get resisted, as the case was in every other crpg. Currently with a mediocre score of accuracy spell casters are just too random and encounters  that are based on certain spells hitting are a reload fest. Just my 2 cents on this.

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Yeah for real - let's take an example from a Wizard at level 10 casting Ninagauth's Shadowflame for the paralyse effect:


20 (Base Accuracy) + 27 (Level Accuracy) + 10 (Spell Bonus) + 10 (Level Bonus) + 5 (Perception) + 5 (Accuracy Gauntlets) = 77


That's not bad. Throw on Devotions for the faithful (+20 Accuracy) and Eldritch Aim (+15 Accuracy), both of which stack, and I don't think you're gonna have any problems hitting anything equivalent to your level.


Or, let's say you're level 14 and you want to Land a confusion on the Alpine Dragon who has Will of 118 on POTD:


20 (Base Accuracy) + 39 (Level Accuracy) + 10 (Spell Bonus) + 14 (Level Bonus) + 5 (Perception - but you'd likely have more) + 5 (Accuracy Gauntlets) + 15 (Eldritch Aim) + 20 (Devotions for the Faithful) = 128


Those are pretty good odds of at least landing a graze – with spells like Miasma of Dull Mindedness dropped on him you're more or less guaranteed to land it. Drop a Concelhaut's crushing doom on him or Slicken as well and his goose is pretty much cooked.

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As a cipher with 20 perception, I haven't had problems, though I haven't reached high levels. But if wizarding is really like Bleak describes:


You shouldn't have to use two or three prep spells to make spells land. We don't get a lot of them per day, and while you're buffing and debuffing, combat is happening. They can have a role, like overcoming a particular defense an enemy has a lot of. But they shouldn't be the norm, like Greater Malison in Baldur's Gate 2.

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