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Some questions for Obsidian

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Hey there :)


I've been wondering and would greatly appreciate some answers, comments and discussion regarding the following:


1. After AD6 of Rise of the Runelords, what is the next piece of functionality that Obsidian would like to release? Multiplayer or PC version ?

2. In the next set after Rise of the Runelords, can treasure cards we have already acquired be included in the decks ?

3. Will we be able to use characters from previous sets (Rise of the Runelords) in new sets ?

4. Will there be an option to to combine sets together ?

5. Will the release of Promo cards continue to be tied to the release of Adventure Decks ?

6. Will Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild scenarios ever be released on Pathfinder Adventures ?

7. Will characters from Class Decks be released in parallel with other new content? 


Thanks for all your work so far.


Stay cool





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Great Questions Dunesparrow,

Will the PC version able to cross save with the mobile versions? it will be nice if we can play with the same party in both plataforns
Is the soundtrack is available for purchase?

My friend got stuck in the tutorial, he got frustrated about the game and unstalled it, the tutorial is very confusing, now i lost a gaming buddy =(
Can it be more easier to understand? i hate losing gaming friends, the game itself is fun, but hard to undestand the rules.

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