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Goblin Commando forgot to be defeated



Not really sure what caused this (though I have a hunch) so just going to go over the whole turn.


Ezren is in Thassilonian Dungeon. His first explore, encounters a Goblin Commando. Recharges bracers of protection to prevent the damage. Casts a Scorching Ray, defeats the goblin's check. Recharge check appears. Draws a card each off of Thassilonian Dungeon (Staff of Minor Healing) and his own power (Frost Ray). Then (possibly quickly enough the game can't keep up?) rolls the recharge check dice. Spell recharges, and the goblin is just sitting there.


Tried VRTs, main menu trips and full app closures. In all cases, it resumes from the recharge check; sometimes the spell recharges, sometimes it doesn't, but it always leaves the goblin sitting in the encounter spot.



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Story mode, Thistletop Delve, Legendary difficulty, random traits An Ill Wind and Fortified Position

Party of six, in turn order: Kyra(Desecrated Vault, closed), Lem(Throne Room, closed), Harsk(Deeper Dungeons), Merisiel(Goblin Fortress), Valeros(Warrens), Ezren(Thassilonian Dungeon)

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