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Turtleback Ferry move effect causes overdrawing when resetting hand



This has happened several times, but only on the most recent one was I able to get actual numbers; each time previously Lem killed himself by drawing so many cards. Which is extremely frustrating by the way.

Each time it's been Lem using Turtleback Ferry's move effect during Here Comes the Flood. Probably that's just because I'm using it with him though.


Anyway, this time around:

*Lem had three cards in hand, with a hand size of six.

*He used Turtleback Ferry's move effect to reach the Woods

*He drew all five cards that were in his deck, giving him eight cards in hand.


So yeah that effect has a lot of problems.



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Story mode, Here Comes the Flood, normal difficulty

Pass and play and permadeath both off

Party of Lem and Valeros, Valeros in the Village House

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