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Bug: Major cure again(gets banished)



Major cure seems to be fixed with this update but once again gets other bugs.

In a 6 party game, Lini has major cure and is in the same location as Amiri. It is currently Amiri's turn. I tap on Lini to make her use use major cure on HERSELF, rolls 1 +1 so 2 cards from her discard will be shuffled. During this animation, the game switches BACK to amiri, causing her to shuffle 1 card from her discard pile to deck from major cure's extra end effect. And somehow the game thinks Amiri is using major cure so the game checks to see if Amiri has Divine but doesn't and spell gets banished.

Well time to grind for major cure.  :banghead:

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The turn order change is old problem. Not sure though if it has caused card loss before.

Before the update it has never caused card loss so it is assumed that there is a new bug involved with this card now. However before this update sometimes, not all the time, the last ability to shuffle an extra card will not work. This update presumably fixed it but caused even more of a nightmare, which is just straight up losing the card entirely. I would've been fine with the 1 less card shuffle but losing the card just makes my life harder to have to grind it back again, and that goes for any card, not just major cure.

Also this forces users to use major cure more carefully and only to use it if the turn character happens to have the divine trait or risk getting the spell banished.

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