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[1.1.5] Damage from Ghoul not properly reduced by items



Device: BlueStacks emulator

OS: Android 5.1

PACG build: 1.1.5


Pass & Play: OFF

Permadeath: OFF

Mode: Story

Party Members:  Seelah, Kyra, Valeros, Merisiel, Sajan, Ezren

Turn Order: per party

Scenario: 4.4

Difficulty: Legendary

Wildcards: Banes +4, End turn on Blessing/Spell

Location: Desecrated Vault

Trigger: card name, screen


Ezren encountered a Wand of Force Missiles, which he gained, then he encountered a Wand of Shield, which he gained then he encountered a Ghoul. As his only spells didn't work against the Ghoul he used the Wand of Force Missiles, knowing that with Banes at +4 there was no way he'd win, but having a Wand of Shield and a Sihedron Medallion that he wouldn't take much damage.


Damage by the Ghoul was 3 so he played Sihedron Medallion, which was just treated as a discard - it didn't absorb 4 damage. So he played the Wand of Shield - again, it didn't absorb damage, so he discarded a Cat.


post-163870-0-80985500-1478855121_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-53987100-1478855139_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-27649100-1478855161_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-55005900-1478855180_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-28142300-1478855197_thumb.jpg

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I would hazard a guess this is some weird interaction with the "If undefeated, end your turn" power. Basically, this power means you can't play any cards and powers, and you can only reset your hand - so maybe this is blocking your items? Of course, the Defeated/Undefeated status *should* be determined after you take/prevent damage and/or make your recharge checks...

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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Isn't there a rule that if you've used an item for your check, you cannot use another item?

That would do it.  Play an item on a combat check, and you won't be able to use an item to reduce damage later should you fail that check.


Since the Wand of Force Missiles started the check, the Wand of Shield or the Medallion wouldn't be available for their damage-reducing powers.  A "check" sequence only ends after you resolve damage (if you happened to fail the roll).

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