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Only had to encounter Bruthazmus once



Playing whatever the campaign mode is called, specifically Approach to Thistletop. Ezren was at the Waterfront and after some encounter (don't remember what), he then on the same turn uses Augury to look for monsters. Finds Bugbear and Bruthazmus, puts Bruthazmus on top. Uses Shalelu Andosana to encounter Bruthazmus. Ezren defeated Bruthazmus with a Shocking Ray. I was then immediately given the opportunity to close the location, which I did by defeating a Bandit Henchman. I did not have to encounter Bruthazmus twice like his card says I should have...which was good for me since Ezren didn't have enough offense to face him twice AND the Bandit Henchman (I had failed to note the two-encounter rule on Bruthazmus when I auguried him up to the top of the location deck).

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