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Endless loop in Foul Misgivings



General (For all issues)

  • Andriod
  • 6.0.1
  • Nexus 6
  • UNK



  • Is pass & play on?  Is permadeath on? NEITHER
  • Story Mode
  • Ezren, Harsk, Kyra
  • Foul misgivingns Ezren = farm house, Harsk = dead, UNK Kyra = dead, UNK
  • I think Harsk, Ezren, Kyra
  • Normal
  • encountering the skinsaw cultist in the farm house in foul misgivings. Both other characters have died. The cultist has dealt Ezren 7 damage. I discard all six of Ezren cards. When I go to hit the blue arrow to advance play, the cultist goes away. Then I try to hit the blue arrow again and nothing happens. The blue arrow is even glowing to indicate that I should hit. It makes it little noise, gets bigger for a sec - then nothing. 
  • I have closed the programs numerous time but when I go back into the program I am in exactly same situation. I have rebooted the phone several times. Still I find myself in exactly the same situation. I can't seem to get past it. 
  • Ezren only has 2 cards left in his deck so I expect them to get played into his hand and then die. 
  • I have not yet tried to uninstall and reinstall. 

Thanks in advance for solving this bug. I have been enjoying playing the game and hope to do so some more. 

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