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Turtleback Ferry move effect caused glitchy game state



After closing Turtleback Ferry, I had Valeros use its effect to move to another location. I then immediately attempted to move Lem (during the standard mode phase) to the same location. This caused the game to get stuck - no phases were shown as possible and I was unable to proceed.


I attempted a VRT to fix the problem, which resulted in Valeros having returned to Turtleback Ferry, and the game back at the beginning of Lem's move phase. After Lem moved, the game again got stuck.


It finally resolved itself after a full closure of the app, but with several display glitches until the end of Lem's turn.



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


No pass and play or permadeath

Story mode, Heroic difficulty. Random trait Full Packs.

Party of Valeros and Lem, both moving from Turtleback Ferry to Wooden Bridge.

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It happened again, only slightly differently.


Closed Turtleback Ferry with Ezren, moved him to Farmhouse. Merisiel's turn comes but there's no way to proceed.

Made a VRT and on returning it shows the map, ends Ezren's turn and goes to Merisiel's, but still displaying the map and with no way to proceed after clicking her location.

Neither unloading nor fully closing the game helps, nor does actually moving her.

I was finally able to resolve this by manually activating the move phase (and then not moving), although again it had display issues afterwards (Specifically, the encountered card was entirely invisible, and when the boon check failed the banish effect was displayed over the location deck rather than the encounter area).



Same device and player ID

No pass and play or permadeath

Story mode, Them Ogres Ain't Right, Legendary difficulty, Painful Memories and Charging Ogres

Party of Kyra(at Farmhouse), Ezren(at Turtleback Ferry), and Merisiel(at Wooden Bridge)

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