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Seelah's Iheritor's favorite broken



Although "Inheritor's favor" works fine, once you get "Inheritor's favorite" (option to shuffle instead of recharge), it no longer works. This might also be true for Kyra's similar power but I haven't tried.

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Inheritor's Favor/Favorite: Yes, this is a known problem.  The "improved" version of the feat just does not work at all.  No options; the card just gets discarded.  At least it doesn't get banished; that was an issue with Merisiel earlier.  Devs seem to be aware, no ETA on a fix.


Dawnflower's Favor/Favorite: Different, yet similar issue.  Reports range from not even being able to select it to it having the same problem as Seelah's power.  I'm not sure where it stands right now.  My Kyra is already maxed out, so I am unable to give it a test.  Sorry.


I can't think of any other powers right now that have a three-way selection (Shuffle/Recharge/Discard), so it would be really unsurprising if the two problems were related.

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