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  1. Although "Inheritor's favor" works fine, once you get "Inheritor's favorite" (option to shuffle instead of recharge), it no longer works. This might also be true for Kyra's similar power but I haven't tried.
  2. 1. Merisiel and Kyra at Giant Lair in Legendary. Merisiel's turn. 2. Merisiel explores and encounters Galenmir 3. Galenmir deals ranged damage to Merisiel 4. Galenmir deals ranged damage to Kyra 5. Combat begins with Kyra vs Galenmir (!?!?) 6. Undefeated so Galenmir deals damage 7. Game crashes Also, I noticed I was able to close a location after defeating Ancient Skeleton summoned from Skeletal Horde trap card. I think this is a bug since that doesn't happen with Zombie Horde.
  3. Every time I encounter a graul ogrekin it never proceeds to combat phase. Instead it either gets evaded or dies.
  4. Same issue. Defeated Headless Lord with Kyra in story mode and game stops responding. Cannot even access menu to forfeit.
  5. What difficulty? 'Approach to Thistletop' adds something like 2d4 to goblins on legendary I think. 'Driving Rain' another 2.
  6. Wayfinder is quite different from spyglass though. Better comparison maybe Kohl of Uncanny Discernment which is higher level but worse spyglass. Why is that even a card?
  7. When I recharge a card for sneak attack but then cancel, the canceled card does not go back to my hand. Is this a bug? Also just a few other weird things: Paralyze, cannot target any normal monsters, is that normal? Also what's up with Abadar's Truthtelling, is it just a worse Detect Evil?
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