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Stuck in the dungeon of Raedric’s Hold

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I entered the dungeon of Raedric’s Hold, cleared out all the monsters, and then talked with Osrya, pretending to side with her, so she would give me entrance to the upper levels.


However, that door in the North-West corner remains closed, and I have run out of ideas how to proceed. I even searched for guides, but those suggested that after agreeing with Osrya I should be able to just go to the upper level.


What am I missing?

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Hmm... I don't remember there being a locked door on that side, but then again, I don't think I ever went in through the sewers. Is the door missing a key, or just locked and requiring too high a mechanics skill number to open?


Also, there is another way to the upper floors from outside Raedric's Hold. Search the northwest portion of the exterior map and you'll see it.

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Yeah, I found it, I hadn't realised that there was a 3rd way to enter the hold, and thought I needed to move from the dungeon upwards.


But then I found (from above) that I had simply missed an ordinary door on the North side that connected the dungeon to the ground level.


I feel a bit stupid now for asking :facepalm:


Now I have to improve my fighting skills to beat Raedric. This looks like the toughest fight I had until now (after taking on the bear in the cave on my own in the beginning, that didn't go well).

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Maybe we can help you? Post your situation on the strategies and builds forum, a lot of good players can help you there.


I'll first try a few ideas of myself, and if if keep failing, I'll come back for expert help.


I play on Normal with a ranger with a bear (named Loor), with Aloth, Edér, Durance, Kana, and I recruited an Orlan Cipher (called Fara) with high mechanics and stealth for locks and traps at the Black Hound Inn, especially for the Lord of a Barren Land. I have acquired Caed Nua.


One of the things I am still not so sure about is the optimal armour level for my characters. Who to keep agile in light armour, and who to armour up as a tank. Edér is my main tank (together with my bear), Kana starts with a few distance shots, then enters the melee. I use Fara to engage flanking foes, but she proves a bit fragile. I try to keep Durance directly behind the front, Aloth a bit back and occasionally holding a flank. Loor starts from the distance dealing damage to the strongest enemies with his bow, but he can jump into a hole in the line.


This simple setup was good enough until now, but I was worn down by Raedric in my first attempt. But there I was already surrounded at the start of the fight. My first attempt now will be to try to be less surrounded when the fight starts, and doing little optimisations like entering well fed and starting using potions early (does a potion negate the previous food?).


Also I'll take my time to analyse all my Priest spells (there are so many for a new player to get a good picture) and start the fight with long term buff spells. I will also optimise Aloth's grimoire for this fight against humans.


In all my previous fights I could rely on just my per turn abilities, and only tapped into the one-time or per rest items and abilities when things got a bit scary. But this fight I will have to go all in from the start I guess.

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Ben No.3's suggestion is a good one, but I will quickly mention that Raedric is definitely a step harder than most act I content. It's not unreasonable to move on to act II, then come back for Raedric later.


But if you want to beat him now, that's certainly possible. You don't even need to use cheese, it's perfectly possible to beat him towards the end of act I, on PotD, with standard story companions, without any cheesy strategies.

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Have a look at the strategies forum anyway... You might find something helpful.


About armour... I wrote a section about attack speed in my guide, so that might help you :)

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