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Bug: Steal spells from Emerald Codex



Playing Jorgenfist on Legendary, I had had Merisiel use her Emerald Codex fairly early on- 2 consecration and 1 mass heal. Later, as it became obvious that I was going to lose soon, I used a consecration and gained a few more rounds. Kyra is up next, and I noticed that down in the bottom-right where you would normally see the extra "deck" afforded only Merisiel by the codex, was a smaller, face-up consecration.


"Huh", I said, "I wonder..." as I attempted to drag the consecration into my hand. It worked! I also dragged the mass heal. I ended up also using the second consecration, but was forced to discard my entire hand due to an encounter, mass heal included. As per the wildcard rule of the scenario, I was prompted to bury a card.


Now, I'm not sure if burying mass heal is the reason I got to keep it, or if I would have kept it had I buried another card instead, but when I won a few turns later I was delighted to find that I was now the proud owner of a shiny new mass heal.


I do feel slightly silly for reporting such a fortuitous bug, but I assume the devs most certainly did not intend for the codex to function in such a manner; thus, I bring it to your attention.


tl;dr - sometimes you can drag spells from the codex to your hand, and you get to keep em after!

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Dragging and dropping stuff that you shouldn't be able to has been reported and is also related to this bug.


If the dev response is to be believed, patches are inbound to clamp down on players being able to take advantage of the UI. Cheat it up while you still can, folks!  ;)


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