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Trouble changing party



Hi there,


I've had a lot of trouble changing members of my party, especially with Durance. (savegame link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6oFcNGbgN2sUmxhS29Sc0hMZDA/view?usp=sharing


In the savegame, I arrived in Elmshore straight from Caed Nua. When I left Caed Nua I chose to bring on Durance into my party, but when I arrive in Elmshore, he's not actually there. (I am left, then, with only 5 members in my party.) But the surprising part is that he is in fact "spiritually" there -- when I go near the center of the map where there are some monsters, a naked Durance shows up and gets killed right away, failing the companion quest in the process.


I've also tried to change my party in the main keep of Caed Nua. Usually what happens is when I try to bring Durance into my party, my party stays 5, but a naked Durance shows up in the middle of the room. I can talk to him, and sometimes even dismiss him (by saying "I need you to leave"), when his portrait doesn't show on the bottom left corner of the screen.


Some other times, though, I am able to actually include him in my party, but he has no skills. All he can do is fight melee. He constantly has a plus icon on his portrait, but when I click it to level him up, I get a screen showing no skills and a lot of big icons along the top of the screen, with no way to proceed.


Sometimes I get the same problem with Hiravias.


Any help is appreciated -- it's kind of hard to proceed right now.

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