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Quick PC question


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I currently have 8 GB of ram from a pc I bought and have added to over the past year.  I have 2 of the 4 slots for memory currently open, so I wanted to bump it up to 16 GB if I could.  I know you're supposed to have all of the ram be the same speed, however not quite sure what my RAM's speed is.  Sorry, know some things about computers, but components I haven't dealt with much, if ever, not so sure about, but here is a screenshot for my memory using CPU-Z.  Could someone let me know what RAM I have or should be looking to buy?  That would be awesome.


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Thanks Bokishi. Will be ordering that soon enough. Anything I should look out for in particular? Anything to be aware of?

another easy thing you can do with memory if you are buying from a store and not online, is to just take out one of the modules, take it to the store and ask for "2 more of this".

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Sorry to kick open this top again.  But Was going around looking for the RAM  to purchase and found some numbers on mine.


sk hynix 4gb 1rx8 pc3l-12800u-11-13-a1


It's from a Dell machine I added to with a video card.  Kind of unsure what would be a decent option for purchasing 2 more sticks of 4 GB to work with this.  The one listed above still would be fine Bokishi?  Would I need to necessary worry about voltage?  Would the above set be fine then?  I know my current ram is no where near the best, but it's working.  Thanks again!

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PC3L (or DDR3L) is the 1.35V standard so it implies that your existing sticks are optimally designed to run at that voltage, though it will typically accept 1.5V without issue. The stuff in that Newegg link is also DDR3L so it's correct (and it mentions 1.5V compatibility as a fallback). The timings may not exactly match but that's no big deal: while the sticks will all run at the speed of the slowest one, in practice any difference here will be a fraction of a percent.


That said, if you do really want to match them up exactly, you can check the SPD tab in CPU-Z to see what your current sticks are qualified to run at.

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