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Ability increasing items are decreasing in combat



I'm playing on an iPad 4 with iOS 10.  My PFID# is EE598F70F2D1B9CD.  This is not pass & play.  Permadeath is off.  Story mode.  This has happened with a party composd of Harsk, Sajan, Kyra, and Valeros.  Also with a different party composed of Harsk (different version), Seelah, Ezren and Lem.  It's happened during all of the Fortress of the Stone Giant scenarios on normal difficulty.  It happens during every combat encounter, so many different monsters.  It doesn't matter if other characters aid or not.


When I use ability enhancing items like the Belt of Giant Strength or the Snakeskin tunic on a combat check it is decreasing the ability bonus by the amount it's supposed to increase it by.  So if Amiri is making a combat check and has a +6 and I reveal a Belt of Giant Strength it will reduce the +6 to a +5.  Same thing happens with Harsk and the Snakeskin tunic.  With Amiri if I add a weapon to the check and then take the weapon away I've been able to get the bonus to adjust back correctly and then add the weapon back.  However, the snakeskin tunic with Harsk cannot be used unless I first reveal a weapon with range because otherwise he's just making a melee attack and the tunic won't stay for that so I effectively cannot use the tunic.  I've also had this same problem while playing with Seelah.  However, the Ebon Armor does not do this.  It gives me the +2 bonus to melee attacks.  Also, the Belt of Giant Strength works normally on non-combat checks.  When I use two Belts o Giant Strength with Amiri on a combat check they each reduce her bonus by one.


Adding more info from recent play:

Playing Valeros fighting a Harpy Monk at the Guard Tower (Harsk, Kyra, Sajan in party, all but Kyra failed Wisdom check and were moved to the Guard Tower).  Kyra was aiding with blessing of Sarenrae and Sajan buried a blessing of Lamashtu to aid.

Valeros failed his Wis check so could not play weapons.  He had a d10 +6 to his roll.  When I revealed the Belt of Giant Strength the +6 bonus dropped to +4.  When I added the Ebon Armor the bonus increased to +6.  When I took away the BoGS the bonus went to +8.  No matter how I added or took away the BoGS and Ebon Armor the Belt would always reduce the bonus to +4.  i.e. If I added the Ebon Armor first and had a +8 bonus the BoGS would reduce it to +4 and if I added the BoGS first it would reduce the +6 to +4.


The BoGs is consistently reducing my bonus with Valeros by +2.  Fighting a Skinsaw Cultits fromt the Skinsaw Ritual barrier and Using a Greatclub +3 and Ebon Armor.  No matter how I add the BoGS it reduces my bonus by +2.  Location is the Mountain Peak.  Also there are Harsk and Sajan.  This is the same scenario as directly above.

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Known issue.


Long story short, the items are working correctly to add +1 to your check..., but are inadvertently downgrading the check type and you are losing other combat bonuses.


In your Amiri example, her Combat:Melee bonus is +6 [+4 Strength and +2 Melee].  

When you play the Belt of Giant Strength, it correctly adds the +1, but changes it to Combat:Strength check and you lose the +2 Melee bonus.  After you play the Belt, the total bonus is +5 [+4 Strength and +1 Belt].


The good news is that you can just tap the center-top of the screen and change it back to a Melee check and get your full +7 bonus [strength + Melee + Belt].  A couple items are bugged like this.  You just need to occasionally verify which check type the game automagically chose for you.

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