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Also note that Eternity Keeper allows you to fully respec your characters. Including stats and talents from level 1.


Does EK work with 3.03? Because it seems the console reverts any attribute chances I make when I reload.


If EK works without a hitch, I'll just use that, thanks.


EDIT: Evidently, you cannot change companion attributes in EK either? The mouse pointer changes to a road block sign when hovering over companion attributes.


Ah! Yea there's a bug in Keeper that saves nothing if a specific thing isn't changed. There's a workaround for that. Just put a space after a characters name and remove that space. The Save game option should be highlighted then. It probably wasn't before. I've had this happen before and now every time I want to change something I just change and undo a characters name to ensure that the saves are made.


Also you need to completely quit the game in order to see the edited game.



Humm, I just edited the stats of one of the companions. Can't change them through the keepers main screen (blocked), but can edit the raw value. After editing the raw value the main screen is updated with the new value. Saved the game. Loaded the edited game and nothing has changed. That sucks.


Same problem here. I am trying to edit Hiravias' attributes so I can get that idiotic ring from the burning hut, I tried everything else but Eternity Keeper doesn't seem to work either, it says it saves the new attributes to a new savegame but... In game they remain the same. Is there any other editor I can use? IE mod is for different stuff, so it could not help, from what I saw.



Wouldn't it just be easier to add it to via the console?

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