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Side quests.

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I was just playing KOTOR over from the start again and I noticed something.


I did most of the sidequests on Dantooine now and at the end of most of the quests the guys say that they are going to put a good word for you at the council. However you never really experience any effects from things like that. I think sidequests should influence the game more in some way. Just a suggestion for KOTOR 2.

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Yeah, except you can't kill Griff, which REALLY sucks. Well, I DID kill him, but then the quest is still active. That sucks. I even killed him in front of Mission and nothing happened.


More choices and reactions within quests!

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That's a "Q" not a "G"  :o

We'll remember that, DarQue it is then...


The problem in a game like Kotor (Kotor2) is the resource cost. Lets say you have 10 miniquests on a planet (completely arbitrary numbers for the sake of argument), and you have 20 different npcs on a that could react to e.g. 2 different outcomes. Even a simple acknowledging the questresult (just a comment, not a dialogue tree) would add 20*10*2 = 400 lines of dialogue that has to be written and having voice overs. Adding a further 4 planets, you get 1600 lines of simple dialogue that needs writing and voice overs. That could be why most towns people have some very bland dialogue and reacts very little to what the player do... :o

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