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Trouble with Adventure 3-3 'Here Comes the Flood'



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Black Magga is getting points for every card it removes from decks, not just the allies described in the scenario rules.  This renders the scenario unbeatable.

Are you sure that's what is happening?  Have you played right through to the end of the scenario?  The reason I ask is:


As the adventure progresses, the counter LOOKS like it is keeping score, but it isn't.  What it is doing, is showing you a) the total number of cards Black Magga has consumed, and b) the total number of allies you have rescued.  It really looks like this is a scoreboard, but the two numbers are not comparable.  The number of allies consumed by Black Magga is hidden information.


The adventure ends when all locations decks are empty, or the blessings deck is empty.  At that point, if you have rescued more than half of the allies, you win the scenario; otherwise, you lose.


You can track yourself what your win point is by counting the number of allies in all location decks at the start of the scenario, then add 1 (hidden ally) for each location.  I played yesterday with a party of 3, and had 8 allies in location decks, plus five hidden allies (1 per location).  I knew when I reached 7 I had the scenario won.


In the case you describe, where you believe that the game is crediting Black Magga for each card consumed, you would end the scenario and then be informed that you lost.  Is that what you are experiencing?

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