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[] progression break with Justice Ironbriar



Device: BlueStacks emulator

OS: Android 5.1

PACG build:


Pass & Play: OFF

Permadeath: OFF

Mode: Quest

Party Members: Lini, Valeros, Ezren, Seelah, Kyra

Turn Order: per party

Scenario: ?

Difficulty: Heroic

Wildcards: Driving Rain; Scenario: bury a card on discard

Location: Deeper Dungeions

Trigger: Seelah encounters Justice Ironbriar


Excellent! So excited to be able to play Quest again and finally get my Feats awarded for the characters with missing Feats. So imagine my disappointment when on my very first play on I get a Progression Break. Not only that but it's one of the really nasty ones that can't be fixed with a VRT and the Menu button launches the menu but none of the buttons work - so I'll have to kill the App and delete the game.sav!


Here's what happened.


Ezra had moved to Seelah's location to deal with Explosive Runes on his previous turn. At the end of her turn Seelah used Crusade to discover JI. On his next turn, Ezra returned to the Academy to try to rip through it leaving Seelah to deal with JI on her own reckoning she should be "man enough".


Seelah Encounters JI, because she's alone (nobody loves a smug Paladin) JI rolls a D4 and gets a 2. Then the random monster is summoned, which is Diseased Rats. Seelah defeats the Rats with a Glaive of Shock (no reroll). Now, instead of being given a crack at the Villain, a second random monster spawns with the card semi-transparently overlaid on JI's card! The second monster is a Ghoul, which she also defeats using the Glaive and her "discard top card" power. All well and good, now she should get a go at JI this time.




Seelah is now presented with her Explore/End Turn options, but JI is still on screen. Seelah's crusade reveals JI to be the top card of her location deck and the game progresses to Kyra's turn. JI is now show as active on Kyra's turn and now I have a progression break.


UPDATE Killing the App and relaunching took me back to Kyra's turn and JI had been cleared up so he doesn't show in Kyra's location. Of course, because of the Examine bug that was introduced some time back, I can't see whether JI is still top of Seelah's location until it's Seelah's turn.


Here's some screenies to show what happened - in sequence. I've also included my game.sav


post-163870-0-93590200-1476525344_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-31198300-1476525376_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-03123600-1476525393_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-10097400-1476525409_thumb.jpg post-163870-0-70793400-1476525426_thumb.jpgpost-163870-0-11789200-1476525443_thumb.jpg


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I had a similar situation today I was just coming to report.

Replaying 'The Cult Exposed' with a new party, I enter an infinite loop when encountering Justice Ironbriar.

What happens is I encounter JI, get the prompt to evade to the Temple, choose not to evade, choose a character to encounter a random monster, defeat that monster, encounter JI, get the prompt to evade to the Temple, etc. Choosing to evade ends that characters turn as would be expected.

If I empty my hand of cards (by discarding weapons, taking damage, etc), I get a similar situation as the poster above.

I forfeited and restarted a couple of times until he would spawn at the Temple location thinking that it might be caused by the evade prompt interaction, but when he was encountered in the temple I had the exact situation as described by the OP.

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I am having exactly the same issue as the poster above, getting stuck in an infinite loop of Justice Ironbriar summoning monsters to fight over and over again in that scenario. The character stuck in the loop has good enough equipment that I so far have managed to defeat all monsters, so it's also kind of an infinite gold loop, but I would rather finish the quest...

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Infinite loop here too.


Justice Ironbark, seems to be caused by Temple evade prompt.  May happen with rogue too.


Going to check a one person party, see if temple doesn't spawn as a temp workaround.




As a side note, These bugs are becoming a real problem.  I have people I want to recommend it to but I can't in this state.  SO many race conditions and out of order timing bugs that make it literally impossible to proceed without closing the app and re-opening it.  In a 1.5 hour session I probably have to close the app about 6 or 7 times which is absurd.

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