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Vermillion Rhomboid & strange "chains"

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Never mind on the card and dice :) figured it out... what a great video ;)


Anyone have any clues on grabbing the Vermillion Rhomboid? Also, probably unrelated, the other day while playing a card i noticed in whatever location I was in some kind of animated chains dropping from the upper left of the screen, but as I noticed in mid-play, I ended up completing the action and the "chains" if that is what they were disappeared from the location screen. This was not the war chanter chains, this was like an animation at the location itself. Anyone know what that was or am I seeing things? :)

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This chains animation is the animation that occurs when you drag a card to be banished, just like when you have to reveal a card and drag it above your "hand" and the area becomes illuminated.


As for the Vermillion Rhomboid, it appears regularly in my quests since I got one in the treasure chests (my characters are lvl 40 - tier 4).

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