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Lack of "personality" in the MC

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I think even if it's not massively adaptive, the lack of any sort of filter does make the dialogue a bit poor. I'd say most people don't want to read through 5 different irrelevant dialogue options to get to the one or two relevant ones, yet they would enjoy a bit of tailoring in the dialogue that reflect their character.


Drilling down into it further, though I don't like the Fallout Karma system I do like how actions rather than words more often than not add to your Karma rating. Taking Cruel and the opposite Benevolent, more often then not this is all based on dialogue and all are presented to you at once. It's not subtle, as every Benevolent person doesn't need to say, "I'm doing a nice thing right now," and every Cruel person doesn't need to say, "I'm going to kick your puppy now" - if these concepts were represented through actions (maybe even in the scripted events) then that would go a way to establishing character. Actions speak louder than words, etc.


I guess I feel the dialogue and the disposition system lacks something organic and natural feeling. Whether that could be more scripted events and less shoehorned dialogue dispositions, or an adaptive system where your character starts to develop what they're going to say - I don't know. Something feels artificial currently, likely that the devs wanted the disposition system so there's (a) too much leading dialogue where the disposition is easily flagged and so it feels crude and (b) dialogue where a disposition is attached where it doesn't necessarily feel sensical. Both of these things being present, which I do think they are to an extent even though they are opposite positions (likely because of too many dialogue writers), makes dialogue in the game a little jarring at times - too scripted.

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