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Tools of Faith and Devotion purchase

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I've just noticed an option in store to buy a Cleric and Paladin bundle (tools of Faith and Devotion) which I think was for a couple of new cards, some funky dice and 25 chests. My account has been credited with the chests, but i'm not sure I see the dice or cards. Looking at the gallery I don't see any new dice, and I'm not sure what cards were in the bundle, so I can't be sure what I'm looking for in the card gallery either.


Does anyone know what I've just bought ?!

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Ah - edit: looks like it was for Legion Armour, Greater Aid and Guardian Blue dice. I have multiple copies of the two cards in the gallery but the dice are not showing up as owned. Those dice ate listed as "Owned x0".


If the dice hasn't appeared, I don't know if the cards have either as like I say I have multiple copies off both already.


Any ideas?

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Try force-quitting the game and opening it back up.


This may sound a little silly, but just because you bought the special bundle with the App, it doesn't necessarily mean the App was immediately informed about what goods you received.  If the purchase went through OK (which it appears to have), the cards and dice will sync back down for the server next time you restart the app.

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