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Bugs in Adventure Path 4



1) General: Merisel’s black market bonus was added when recharging the Codex. I haven't had tried it on other items. (Not exclusive to AP4 but since you don't get this until after AP3)


2) 4.1 if I fail the check against the boss and have 0 cards in my hand the game crashes. I had to reset and drop a lot of blessings to try and pass the check. I did, but then I had to do the check a second time. When I failed it that time the game went on fine. 


3)4.1 Heroic: When a player fights a monster to trigger the dragon, the player can not do any before encounter effects (Such as evading) nor do any effects on the original monster take effect. (This happenes cosistantly) 


4)4.2 When fighting The Black Monk at the Courtyard if you fail the dex or acro 10 check you don’t take any damage. Your con check is auto rolled with nothing you can modify for it. The rest of the combat check worked fine. 


5)4.5 When I failed the before you act check against Mokmurian and had to bury 1d6 then reset my hand, it ended my turn and placed Mokmurian back on top of the deck.


1 and 3 have happened multiple times, the others I only had them happen once but I only had it come up once. 

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