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What do you miss going solo?

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So I've only ever played the game solo so far, apart from my very first run which I didn't get close to finishing. However from what I've read, and rather weirdly, it seems there's a whole truckload of setting information packed into the companions' storylines. I'll probably play with the story companions at some stage, but I'm still interested now in getting a bit of a run down while I'm enjoying playing solo.


From what I've heard, things that companions reveal are:


Eothas in the form Waidwen knew that Woedica and the Leaden Key were up to something, so the invasion of the Dyrwood was to try and knock that on the head (from Eder's stuff?). However, Magran blew him up as she wanted for some reason to demonstrate that gods could die (from Durance's stuff?) for reasons I'm not all too clear on - perhaps keeping the secret that the gods were manmade under wraps (though I'm not entirely sure why fighting the Leaden Key would have necessarily demonstrated that) or because gods aren't supposed to interfere in mortal affairs?


If anyone could care to elaborate on these mentions I'd be pretty interested, as it's hard to find the concrete facts easily. It seems a bit presumptuous to think that people, even if they are okay with taking on companions, would want to necessarily ever take on Eder and Durance - so I'm not too convinced on the design choice to have so much backstory crammed into two companions.


On unrelated points, but things the game has left me questioning anyway that I don't want to dedicate a whole thread to:


What the hell is the Leaden Key for? I don't mean the organisation itself, I mean the physical Leaden Key you get in the catacombs for killing the Acolyte? I never saw any use for it, even in Sun and Shadow.


How "dead" is Eothas? Obviously Abydon "died", but he seems fine and dandy now? Is there any official line on this (that's perhaps clearer with companions piecing in important info), or are we just supposed to speculate that gods take time to come back from the Wheel or that perhaps the Godhammer Bomb obliterated Eothas's soul (assuming gods also have souls seeing as they're made from them) in a way that a big juicy moon couldn't for Abydon? I guess that could be why Abydon forgot so much on his death, as his soul had fragmented slightly.


Thanks in advance for entertaining my annoying questions that I could probably just answer myself if I played the game like a regular person with a party.

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Since nobody's gracing you with the replies you really wanted, I suppose it can't be too wrong to give other answers to the topic question. I'm not a solo player, rather a diehard merc manager who mostly picks up NPC's for their quests to generate stronghold turns, but there are some things I've noted. Spoilers ahead, as likely as manipulative words out of Thaos' mouth.


Can't answer the Edér/Durance stuff with more than "sounds about right" as I haven't paid much attention to it - plus there is a lot to pay attention to when it comes to Durance. But how about, Aloth is involved with the Leaden Key? Or how about, Grieving Mother used her cipher powers to make mothers believe their Hollowborn children were fine.


There's also entertaining dialogue like Hiravias asking Pallegina if she has a cloaca, and if she has pubic hair or feathers. Or how about...


Edér: Sagani, does your fox bite?

Sagani: Yes.

Edér: Can I pet him?

Sagani: It's your hand.

Edér: I'm gonna pet him.


And how did that go? Seemingly well, eventually.

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Thanks for the response, and yeah I guess I should have thrown in I knew about Aloth and the Leaden Key, but that's the first I'd heard of the Grieving Mother. Still, neither of those are heavy on the setting of the region - we only learn about the importance of the Leaden Key through the story so Aloth being a member doesn't enrich the backstory so much.


Still, any added info would be appreciated.

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