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Damage Reduction Bug or intended



So I'm wearing full plate exceptional with DR 22 vs Crush. I headed to an early level area and an enemy hits me for 18.3 damage and the resulting damage is 3.7 rounded up to 4.


Calculation shows: Acc:61 - Def:61 = 0. roll:61 + 0 = 61 (Hit). 18.3 - DR:22 = 3.7 Crush (MIN).


The result is 4 damage (endurance and HP went down by 4) even though the calculation shows it shouldn't hurt me.

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Thanks, I was half assuming the (MIN) after the calculation indicated a minimum amount of damage. But because the calculation showed the exact difference (negative damage) between damage dealt and the damage reduction I thought it might have been something else. Later I saw a different calculation in an attack that showed the same, but with numbers that support what you are saying. 


Thanks for the response!!

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