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Lets discuss solo rogue, not PotD difficulty

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I am looking for some help and advice for my SOLO rogue. I played for him few times, but not in 3+ patch.

I want to have dual wield - sabres or daggers.


Early game (you can have all of these items VERY soon):


Weapon 1: Azureith's Stiletto

Weapon 2: Oidhreacht

Head: Hermits hat +2 int

Armor: Jack of wide waters

Gloves: Rotfinger Gloves

Belt: Blunting Belt/Girdle of Maegfolc Might +3 might

Feet: Shod-in-faith

Ring 1: Ring of deflection +9

Ring 2: Ring of Wonder +1con/mig/res

Cloak: Lilith's Shawl +3 per


Mid game (pretty much beginning of WM 1):


Weapon 1: Resolution

Weapon 2: Purgatory

Head: WM 1 Garodh's Chorus +3 might

Armor: WM 1 Wayfarer's Hide

Gloves: Rotfinger Gloves

Belt: WM 1 Girdle of Eotun Constitution +3 con

Feet: Shod-in-faith

Ring 1: Ring of deflection +9/Ring of protection +9

Ring 2: Ring of thorns +3 dex

Cloak: Lilith's Shawl +3 per


Late game:


Weapon 1: Purgatory/The Unlabored Blade

Weapon 2: Purgatory (with Helwax Mold)/Drawn in Spring

Head: WM 2 Maegfolc Skull +4 might

Armor: Wayfarer's Hide

Gloves: WM 2 Siegebreaker Gauntlets +4 res

Belt: WM 2 Looped Rope

Feet: Shod-in-faith

Ring 1: WM 2 Gwyn's Band of Union +4 int

Ring 2: WM 2 Iron Circle +4 con (enchant armor with +2 dex to compensate ring of thorns)

Cloak: WM 2 Mantle of the Excavator +4 per


Quick slots:

2x Figurines, llengrath potion +25 def/+20 reflex, purple healing potion.


So, this is how I imagine his gear. However I have few questions.


1/2. Weapons. After this Sabre nerf, what would be better/more powerfull?

a - double Purgatory

b - double Drawn in Spring

c - Drawn in Spring + Unlabored Blade

d - Which "lash" is the best? I suppose I should use two different ones.

e - Against which type of monsters should I enchant sabres/daggers? Again, should be two different ones.

I dont want to wait for Legendary enchatment to weapon, its really late game, which means I could use it like for another 5 hours. No thanks.


I have never played with daggers, so I dont know how strong DiS is.

I think big plus is that I could have +4 accuracy for daggers with Flick of wrists.


2. If I decide for double Purgatory, I suppose I should have enough healing, so I could switch boots for those +4 dexterity. What do you think?


3. Head. What ability should I choose for Garodhs helmet? Retaliation or Preservation?


4. Gloves. Rotfinger are great, do you think Siegebreakers are better? I do, but I didnt test it.


5. I would like to use Cape of the Master Mystic however I dont want lo lose +3/+4 perception bonus - I dont think there are any rings for at least +2 perception.



Athletics - 0

Stealth - 0 (at the beginning its nice to sneak close to enemies, but in WM1+2 I feel it isnt working properly and also I think its better to initiate fight from some distance)

Lore - ?

Survival - ?

Mechanics - around 11/12 should be ok


Strategy as I played it before WM 2:


After maybe 1/3 of the game I should have enough coins to eat Dragon meat dish before every "medium difficulty" encounter, also +3 DR drink from WM1 is great.

As soon as I see creatures, I cast figurine, then drink llengrats potion and kill everything :) Worked well before, hope it will work now :)



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I have soloed a Riposte Rogue on Hard. Outside of boss fights it was a breeze without food or potions for the most part. I dual wielded a few fights but found without potions that up survivability I would get cut up pretty bad. I liked the extra protection of a bash shield.


I prefer Fire lashes. On everything. I also like the Jolting Touch Stilletto. It can be abused.

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Especially as a secondary weapon, and maybe with the saber nerf even as a main weapon, I'd recommend shatterstar for early/mid game, and really as far as you want to drag it along. Dual damage types I personally find very valuable for solo, and it also has annihilation, so high damage output. I'm using it for my solo chanter atm, and I could imagine with a rouge it is even better... I crit definitely often enough to make it worth it, and smash isn't as resisted as slash or pierce. When it comes to lashes, it still believe that corrode is the least resisted... Is that still up to date? However, if you use the stilleto you might want to use a shocking lash and then enhance it through talents... Talents are also the reason I'd generally set on one lash... Maybe one other in case of immunity, but one main to use as often as possible


Also for any class with low health (not endurance... Regen is easy, health not), definitely take wound binding if you want to solo, especially if you don't have a lot per rest abilities!

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How can Azureith's Stiletto be abused with a rogue (I know how a monk can do it)? I always thought it's inferior to Bleak Fang.


By the way: Jolting Touch, since it's a melee attack, works with the monk's lashes (see monksterlasher). That's quite cool.

Does anybody know if it would also work with a paladin's FoD? Like when you score a crit with Azureith's Stiletto while you use FoD, will th Jolting Touch also get the burning lash? I don't think so, but who knows? Sorry for being offtopic.

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