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Summoned Henchmen allowing close



iPad mini with iOS 10, newest patch.


I'm playing through Jorgenfist on Heroic and encounter a Skeleton Horde. After beating the Giant Skeletons, I get a prompt to close the location, which I hadn't expected. I close the location and go on about my adventure.


When Valeros's turn comes up, he's at the Guard Tower, so it's auto-Bandit time. He beats the summoned Bandit, and boom - close prompt.


This only happened on Jorgenfist - it didn't happen last night during the bajillion summoned Longtooth attacks during Heroic Sandpoint Under Seige. Maybe it only triggers when you encounter a summoned Henchmanon your own turn?


EDIT: The summoned Bandit did not trigger a close in The Black Tower, so this may be an issue only affecting Jorgenfist.

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