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Summoned Henchmen allowing close


iPad mini with iOS 10, newest patch.


I'm playing through Jorgenfist on Heroic and encounter a Skeleton Horde. After beating the Giant Skeletons, I get a prompt to close the location, which I hadn't expected. I close the location and go on about my adventure.


When Valeros's turn comes up, he's at the Guard Tower, so it's auto-Bandit time. He beats the summoned Bandit, and boom - close prompt.


This only happened on Jorgenfist - it didn't happen last night during the bajillion summoned Longtooth attacks during Heroic Sandpoint Under Seige. Maybe it only triggers when you encounter a summoned Henchmanon your own turn?


EDIT: The summoned Bandit did not trigger a close in The Black Tower, so this may be an issue only affecting Jorgenfist.

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I had this same issue, also on Jorgenfist at heroic difficulty. Zombie horde and Guard Tower summons both allowed the locations to be closed.

Additionally, all summoned monsters had the Giant trait, which I don't think is correct.

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