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Casting Major Cure Switches Whose Turn It Is.



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Experience this also..although initially thought it was because of the Haste spell then recalled everything.


Ezren's turn at Guardhouse.

Ezren dispatches Bandit but is now low on card in hand.

Ezren uses ability to draw a Haste spell from previous spell casting (to kill Bandit)

Ezren uses Haste on Seelah to harpoon her to the Guardhouse

Switch to Seelah and uses Augury to setup location deck to encounter the villain.

Seelah cast Major Cure coz just in case

Normal explore and drew Galenmir

Galenmir ranged attack both heroes

Tried to Fiery Bolt Galenmir but AI wouldnt let me.

Look around why and saw Seelah's ability (discard to add 1d6 to any check) as usable

Seelah had to go all Sajan on Galenmir because of this switch..fortunately them fist are glorious.

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