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The Stone Giants Are Here! Patch Notes for Update 1.1.4 (Patch Out Now!)

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I am enjoying the game but it no longer logs on. I can play offline but it earns no gold and does not use treasure chests.



If using an iPad/iPhone, an iOS 10 update may have logged you out of game center.


Open up the Settings app and scroll down to Game Center (just above Twitter and Facebook).  There you can verify that your Apple ID is logged in.  If that's all good, then Pathfinder shouldn't have any issues.

That got it fixed! Thanks!

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About the characters who have missed a skill, power or card feat: they need to gain exp to regain the feat? My Sajan (Zen Archer) lost his Reload power after one of these updates, but now he isn't regaining the ability after the quests (successful or not). He is a Lvl 40 character, so he isn't earning XP until you Devs raise the level cap.

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