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Very slow access to the "load menu"





first, sorry for my bad english, i'm a french user.


I have a problem with Pillars. We are two players (my wife and me). I have the first pc and no problem with Pillars. Five months ago, I installed the game to the second pc (my wife's), and for her, when she clicked on the "load" button, it took between 15 to 45 secondes to have access to the list of her saved games. Furthermore, it took very long to load the different maps (15 - 60 secondes). This was much too long :-( and so, she stopped playing.


Recently, I have upgraded the pc of my wife, and so, I have re-installed the game. It is much better for loading maps, but we have still the very slow access to the saved games when she cliks to the "load" menu.


The two installations were made by saving the files game of the first pc, with steam, and restauring them on the second pc.


I have verify the integrity of the files cache, there is no problem.


So what ?


Could you help me please ?


Thank you.

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