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Quest mode bugs



Hi, since the last patch I've come across the following bugs in quest mode. They have recurred in different scenarios so I haven't detailed scenario etc here. I'm playing on an iPad Air 2


1. When encountering a Graul Ogre, the game rolls the dice for the random power and will occasionally roll the combat dice at the same time. This seems to forfeit the encounter with the ogre being banished, but no option to close the location being given;


2. When recharging the Staff of Heaven and Earth to defeat the Locked Door the game froze completely. I wasn't able to forfeit the the game or do anything except close down the app completely and start over. This reset the encounter which I was then able to complete without using the staff.


Thanks and keep up the good work.

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#1 known bug, devs are working on it (and have been for some time)

#2 I don't recognise that staff (I assume it's from the bundle), this appears to be the first bug logged with that item. Congratulations! :D


If a Vault round trip wasn't possible, or didn't work, and neither did Forfeit, I suspect that killing the App was your only option.

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